Brand Building & Management Services

A well-perceived brand is one of the most valuable assets a company has. Branding is not simply about a name, logo or slogan these days. In this digital marketing era, branding is much more complex than that. Brand management can include the product or service itself such as the look, price, packaging.

Why Do You Need Brand Consultancy?

1. Brand Identity Builds Credibility & Trust

Consumers in a target market tend to purchase from companies with strong brand identity. A strong branding adds more credibility to your business.

2. Well-branded businesses easily stand out

In this era of digital marketing, Internet users are bombarded with advertising everyday. If your brand identity has nothing remarkable that can make them take notice, they just skip your products. Your brands must quickly and clearly convey a message why you’re better or different from your competitors.

3. Strong brand identity brings you loyal customers

The more recognized your branding is, the more loyal customers you get. Customers tend to stick with a company who owns a brand messaging that can connect with their emotional perception. You can then get more new consumers through word-of-mouth marketing via social media from these loyal customers.

When crafting your brand message, make sure it is concise, easy to remember and easy to understand.

Fundamental Brand Development Strategy

1. Identify your audience

Targetting the right audience is the first foremost step in the whole brand building process. After you know exactly who you are trying to reach, you can make a detailed plan to build your brand based on their detailed behaviors and lifestyle. The more specific the plan is, the more successful your brand building plan will be.

For example, you have a business providing baby diapers. Before starting to build your branding, you’ll want to make sure you target the right audience for your products.

The audience this case can be the moms who have babies below 2 years old. These moms usually look for diaper products that are well-designed to avoid leaks, have good absorbency and safe for their babies’ skin.

Now you already have some foundations to develop your brand messaging to connect with this audience. People tend to choose companies that share the same beliefs with them, so make sure your brand messaging clearly tell your customers that you are the right company for them.

2. Develop a mission statement

Based on the targeted audience, you then define what values your business offers and the reasons for your business existing. This mission replacement will then be reflected on your logo, your tagline, your message.

Strategic Brand Consultancy – We build brand advantage

As branding is important, building credibility takes time and effort. At DFWIM, our brand managers strive to make your brand identity stronger. We help you identify your audience, study their behaviors, from there build up a viral marketing plan that can grow your brand recognition.

DFWIM is a full-scale digital marketing service located in Dallas Fort Worth. Our areas of expertise include search engine optimization (SEO), web design, pay per click, data analysis and brand building. We understand that a brand is more than just a logo. We strive to make sure your branding successfully conveys who you are, what you have to offer.