Content Promotion Service

“Content is King”

Years ago people could rank a website just by spamming backlinks and keyword stuffing techniques, which no longer work. These days all marketers understand that “content is King”. Content is now the foundation of any web marketing strategies.

Writing keyword rich content that gives authentic and relevant information about your products and services helps attract targeted audience online to your website. The larger customer base your website gets, the more online sales you have.

A website with useful interesting content makes users want to come back for more or refer the site to others. This naturally increases the site visitors and the time they spend on pages. Content marketing helps build trust and rapport with the audience. The site’s bounce rate will be minimized. All these have a significant impact on SEO and search engine ranking.

To decrease the bounce rate, each content page should have at least 500 words. Each article on the website must be unique and meaningful. Writing content that has an appropriate density of keywords provides all the necessary information about your products and services. This helps attract visitors to your website. And if your products are well represented with content, it automatically increases the number of hits on your website and hence improves your profit margin. Content marketing requires continuous delivery of large amounts of content.

The  main focus of a content marketing stragegy will depends on customers’ needs. Your content must be high quality, unique and SEO-friendly at the same time in order to rank high on search results. You can write a very interesting article about your topic, but if you don’t know how to optimize it for the targetted keywords, you may miss the chance to rank high and rank fast.

Content marketing includes the creation of blog posts, news, press releases, videos, e-book, email newsletters, podcasts, infographics and so on.

Content Creation & Management

At DFWIM, we understand the crucial role of digital content marketing. We strive to create the best content for your website that can influence the behavior of your potential customers. Every piece of content we create will be optimized to be search engine friendly. We know how much keyword density is enough. We know the killing positions in an article to place your keywords to get the best rankings. We also have the techniques, such as title optimization, to make your content more appealing to readers, increase the time customers spent on page and click-through to other posts, thus improve your return on investment.

The article title plays an important role in attracting visitors. A well-written, informative, concise title catches the eyes of the visitors and keeps them stay on the page to read on. A good title needs to tell what information your article contains in a few words.

We consider content marketing as a mainstream form of our SEO strategy to increase your brand awareness and improve search engine rankings for your website. You definitely can’t rank high if your site has thin content and poor onpage SEO.

We are proud to have the best local copy writers. Whether you’re seeking copy for your web content, blog posts, newsletters, press releases or ebook, rest assured our content writer can handle it quickly and competently.

Our copywriters do their jobs with SEO in mind. That’s why every piece of your content will be rich in keywords but still search engine friendly.

At DFWIM, you’ll find everything you need to start your online business. We’re a full-service agency. We cover everything, including designing you a website, writing content that sells, optimizing the content, building brand for your business, creating high quality backlinks to increase the rankings for your site.