Web Data Analysis Service

Data analysis acts like the backbones in the success of any digital marketing campaigns. A quality data analysis service helps you measure, track and grow your business.

DFWIM provides you with transparent, easy-to-understand reporting on the whole marketing process so that you know how the campaign is going on. Based on the reports, we suggest further action for you to take to improve the campaign performance.

Google Analytics is still one of the most popular web metric tools these days. The data this tool provides is really useful for understanding and improving your online marketing efforts. The insights about visitors this tool provides are invaluable.

Why you should use Google Analytics for data analysis

1. Insights About Visitors

It provides a huge amount of data about your site visitors. By looking at the data reports, you know where most of your visitors are from, their behaviors, how much time they spend on your website, what devices they use to browse your site and much more.

2. Insights About Web Pages

Google Analytics tool lets you know what specific pages on your site are performing better than others. From there you can take further action to improve the lowest performing pages.

3. Real-time visitor data

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track who is on your site right now, and what pages they are visiting.

4. Automated Tracking System

As long as you do the tracking code implementation correctly on your website, you can rest assured that Analytics will start collecting the data automatically for you.

5. The Tool is Free to Use

Google Analytics is a perfect web metric tool, but it costs you nothing to use. All you need to start is a Google account, and a little knowledge of code implementation to install the tracking code on your site.

Although it’s simple and easy to setup Google Analytics, the reports this tool provide can sometimes be hard to understand for non-tech users. That’s where we come in.

We have a team of data analysis experts. We know what metrics will work for your business goals. With our analytics services, you gain an insight on how well your marketing strategy is performing.

You may already have a Google Analytics account, but you simply find that you can’t see conversions or you are not sure about how to integrate with Adwords to see what keywords bring you conversions. In this case, our data experts will review your account settings, fix any misconfigurations and do the Adwords integration so that you get the accurate data.

If you haven’t created a Google Analytics account yet, contact us now. We have the best specialists in this industry that will do the perfect Google Analytics application setup and integration for you. We also help you “read” the data and make suggestions on what to improve.

Data analysis is just one area of our expertise. For a full digital marketing service, please check out our homepage.